Pitch a Review to Game Bias

The game review is personal expression, so it is an art, not a science. As part of a commitment to this idea, Game Bias wants to publish game reviews from a variety of writers. Over a 12-week period starting in April, Game Bias will run a review from a different writer every two weeks based on a submitted pitch. Each review published out of this process will result in payment of $20 to the writer.

Here are guidelines and other comments:

1. Email your pitch to pressgrove84@yahoo.com. The deadline is April 1. The subject line should start with “Game Bias Pitch.” The pitch should be no longer than 150 words. The first sentence of the pitch should state the thesis of your review. All other sentences should give an idea of how you will express the thesis.

2. Reviews can be about any video game — old, new, forgotten, well-remembered, independent, big-budget, freeware, whatever. Game Bias expects any review to offer unique perspective. There is no length requirement for the review. The review can be positive or negative — tone is up to you.

3. Do not pitch or write a so-called consumer review. Making broad assumptions about the identity of one’s potential audience is a mistake.

4. You can do whatever you want in interpreting/critiquing the game (e.g., emphasize graphics over other elements, discuss cultural/political biases or issues in the work, etc.). However, a review should focus on the game, not when you ate at Wendy’s and listened to Radiohead between sessions of playing the game in question. A review should sound like a poem before it sounds like an anecdote, and it should attempt to say something essential about a game.

5. Don’t hesitate to compare games to each other. A comparison can give the reader a great reference point. Comparisons can fit everything into a historical context that you find valuable.

6. Game Bias values diversity and provocation.

7. If you have questions, email me with the subject line “Game Bias Question.”

– Jed Pressgrove

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