Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions features questions from Game Bias readers every week (or as often as enough questions come in). I see these questions as great opportunities to expand my critical thoughts and theories. If you have a question to submit, please email it to pressgrove84@yahoo.com or tweet it to @jedpressfate. Questions can involve anything closely or tangentially related to games or art, including but not limited to criticism, culture, and politics. A big thanks in advance to everyone who participates!


Loaded Questions Vol. 1 – Topics include Bennett Foddy, Toby Fox (Undertale), David O’Reilly, Splasher, and top 10/20 lists.

Loaded Questions Vol. 2 – Topics include religion/spirituality in games, changing opinions on games, and how patches might affect reviews.

Loaded Questions Vol. 3 – Topics include the worst game of all time, games as expressions and contrivances, and the potential of the graphic adventure.

Loaded Questions Vol. 4 – Topics include the literary potential of games, the most important factor in writing reviews, and morality systems.

Loaded Questions Vol. 5 – Topics include Eastern vs. Western influence in games, the best boss of all time, and the notion of “true gameplay.”

Loaded Questions Vol. 6 – Topics include good art by bad people, exploring game history, and gaming YouTube channels.

Loaded Questions Vol. 7 – Topics include whether Zelda is an RPG, the worst and best penalties in video games, and the best canines in gaming.

Loaded Questions Vol. 8 – Topics include whether people should use Steam, the $60 price tag for big-budget games, and the process of creating a top 100 games list.

Loaded Questions Vol. 9 – Topics include downloadable content (DLC) in free-to-play games, ludonarrative dissonance, and depictions of Hell.

Loaded Questions Vol. 10 – Topics include tank controls, replayability, and what qualifies as art.

Loaded Questions Vol. 11 – Topics include epic RPGs, whether Republican or Democratic presidents inspire better art, the relevance of shooters, and the best arcade cabinet.

Loaded Questions Vol. 12 – Topics include romance and romantic comedy in games, how games should explain their mechanics, and what “Game Bias” is referring to.

Loaded Questions Vol. 13 – Topics include the state of game criticism/reviews, player choice in “mechanics-driven” games, discoveries in games, e-sports, cultural barriers, the value of genre labels, public opinion of Final Fantasy X-2, and the failure of horror games.