Month: August 2016

A Note on the Lack of Game Bias Reviews

by Jed Pressgrove

You might have noticed that after my review of Doom at the beginning of June, Game Bias has been dead. This was not my intention. In the early summer, I tweeted that I would be working on reviews of Kirby: Planet Robobot and a couple of other games for Game Bias. The delay on these reviews has a very simple explanation: I lack both time and resources in 2016.

My divorce is the major reason. Economically, I’m not where I was the last couple of years when I was able to write articles for Game Bias regularly. I no longer have my own PC, and that has made writing difficult, as you can imagine. Although I plan on getting a PC as soon as I take care of other concerns, I can’t say when that will be. Until then, when I do get to a PC I can use, I’m usually writing reviews for Slant, not Game Bias. Slant provides me review copies of games, so that’s where my priority has to be. On top of that, there was also a significant death in my family recently, as well as signs of another divorce, and my day job has become much more demanding. All of these things have cut away at my opportunity and, hell, some of my motivation to write.

I debated on whether to write this entry at all. The reason I ended up doing it is that I appreciate everyone who reads my work a great deal, and I feel you deserve an explanation, even if you were never wondering.

I’ll end on some good news: my review of Kirby: Planet Robobot will be coming to Game Bias soon. I hope I can say the same for other pieces. As always, thank you for reading.